If I had feathers I would fly away.
If I felt fresher in fur I would hibernate.

- atmosphere

what? what are you even talking about? i’m an adult. do you know what that means? it means that i’m beset upon at all times by a tsunami of complex thoughts and struggles. unceasingly aware of my own mortality and able to contemplate the futility of everything. and yet still rage against the dying of the light. so do you see how monumentally stupid you, a child, asking me, ‘do i want to hang out some time’ is?
jimmy, “you’re the worst”

we breathe deep
in a steam dream
and plunge below the water line
down down down down down down

between beams
to the gloom room
among the seaweed and the slime
down down down down down down


-phish, split open and melt

  • Me: snuggles!!
  • Boyfriend: what time is it?
  • Me: 6:12am!!
  • Boyfriend: please stop talking.
you were really annoying in my dream. i think you should apologize.
the boyfriend

That shrimp and existentialism

look dan, i know you probably want to gloat, but i’m done with d.c. so i’m gonna go to africa and help install sewage systems in poor communities or whatever. or go to wall street. i don’t know. one of the two. i haven’t decided.
jonan ryan, veep
alright, i gotta get going. i gotta go make noises out of my face hole or whatever it is i do.
mike mclintock, veep
  • dr. bigelow: take a look at this dog.
  • louie: what's its name?
  • dr. bigelow: doesn't have one. how many legs does it have?
  • louie: three.
  • dr. bigelow: the answer is it has plenty of legs. had four. a coyote in poughkeepsie chewed the other one off. look at his face. perfectly happy. belly's full. just looking, waiting to see what comes next. do you know the only thing happier than a three-legged dog? a four-legged dog. now if you'll excuse me, this dog would like to get some air.